Oct 24, 2013 Press Release

The RITE Plan is the Right plan.

Dear Supporters,

The time has come to retire Stop A Bad Plan! and for a good reason...we are in crisis.

From the beginning, the campaign has always been about stopping a bad plan. The CRD in its stubbornness, has refused to acknowledge the public and incorporate its input into its sewage project by paying lip service to Ministry of Environment guidelines. The public has been left wondering why other cities are modernizing while the CRD plays catch-up to implement yesterday's technology (e.g. secondary treatment).

The campaign concept from the earliest days was "Stop A Bad Plan, Go With A Good Plan!".

During the Viewfield battle it morphed into "Stop A Bad Plan, We Need a Better Plan!" and that we chanted as we marched across the Selkirk Trestle during the Viewfield Open Houses.

However, it is no longer a secret: the CRD has neglected to look at all the options on the table that consider solid waste solutions (kitchen scraps, garbage and sludge) and liquid waste (sewage) in a holistic fashion and plan accordingly.

It has created the waste management mess that we are now experiencing, whether it is with the compost in Central Saanich or with the sewage plant at McLoughlin Pt. because two separate committees at the CRD (liquid waste and solid waste) haven't been talking to each other for many years.

And so, it's time to promote a better plan that solves the waste management problems which we are calling "The RITE Plan" that deals with waste properly using this overarching principle:

R - Respectful of Communities

I - Innovative Technologies

T - Taxpayer Friendly

E - Environmentally Sound

It is in that spirit that the Sewage Treatment Action Group, which I have joined, has launched a new website and facebook page to educate the public about this alternative approach and important opportunity that the CRD is going to blow, if we don't demand of them an integrated approach to waste management.

We've set up a petition that is going to be delivered in the Legislature, at the CRD and to local Mayors and councils that says in clear terms: we need a better plan than what's before us. We need the RITE plan that meets the above principles.

I hope you will join us and sign the petition to create a strong voice for change.

Richard Atwell, Director
Sewage Treatment Action Group

October 24, 2013

Website: http://theriteplan.ca/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/theriteplan/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/theriteplan